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Scores & Standings


Your team's scores and win-loss record can be found here. Simply hover over "Flag Football" in the ribbon across the top of the page, hover over your grade level, and then click on your team name. Once you're on your team page, click on "Game Schedule" to see your scores and "Team Stats" to see your record.

Standings can be found on the landing page for each age division. Click the links below to view the current standings. At this time, standings are only sorted by wins and losses and no other factors. Teams with the same record are sorted alphabetically by team name.

First Grade Standings

Second Grade Standings

Third Grade Standings

Fourth Grade Standings

Fifth/Sixth Grade Standings


Playoff games will be played in the evenings the week of October 10-13, 2022.

Championship games will be played on the morning of Saturday, Oct. 15.

Click here to view the playoff schedule and brackets.

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